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Polish Bonding Agent

Polish Bonding Agent
Duragloss 601 Polish Bonding Agent is specifically formulated to significantly extend the life of synthetic polish/sealants such as Duragloss Clear Coat Polish and Duragloss Total Performance Polish.

The Polish Bonding Agent works as a part A with the polish being a part B, and they chemically bond when they come into contact with the paint surface and the durable/synthetic polishes.

Firstly, Duragloss Polish Bonding Agent removes any old wax or polish from the surface which would inhibit the new polish’s bond with the painted surface, therefore delivering a true shine.

Polish Bonding Agent does not need to be removed from the surface, only applied. The polish of your choice is then applied over the top of the PBA and the chemical bond is made. After the polish has cured, simply buff off the PBA/polish with a quality microfibre cloth, in the same way as normal, it will take no extra effort or time.

The paint is now protected by the polish and Polish Bonding Agent has potentially doubled the life of the synthetic polish!

For very best results use as part of the Duragloss Car Care system and wash regularly with Duragloss Car Wash Concentrate. To enhance and protect your car’s paintwork even further use AquaWax when drying or Fast Clean & Shine as a protective quick detailer.

How To Use This Product
For best results; Shake bottle well. Ensure the surface is clean and dry, then apply with a soft foam applicator or cloth to entire paint surface of the car. Do not remove this product, apply your choice of polish over the top. Duragloss Total Performance Polish 105, Clear Coat Polish 111 or Polish and Cleaner 101 all offer the perfect partnership for shine and durability.

It is always advised to clean or detail your car in cool, shady conditions – out of direct sunlight.

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