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Get the ‘Wet Look’ from Duragloss Australia – exceptional Car Care Products

Duragloss produce some of the best and easiest to use car polishes and car care products, as well as some revolutionary car care like Aquawax; a car wax that you can use when the car is wet, and some of the longest lasting car polishes like Total Performance Polish with a durability of up to one year. Come inside and see what Duragloss car care products can do for your car.

The first Duragloss car polish that was made was well ahead of its time, and that is where the
technology of Duragloss has remained – in the future. After the success of the early products,
the range now spans over 50 different car polishes, car waxes and car cleaners that all perform
exceptional well.

Duragloss founded by two chemists (who also love cars) is the home of ‘The Original Wet Look’
named after making a car polish that made cars look wet and glossy while being very easy to use.
Now used by many professional detailers around the world, the Duragloss Car Care Products range
offers exceptional quality and amazing value for money.